Ned Boyd, Band Director


LCSC Hosts Band Callout for Incoming Sixth-Graders

Logansport Band Director Ned Boyd and his team will be hosting a band callout for incoming sixth-graders on July 1 at Columbia Sixth Grade Academy. There will be two callout times: 4:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m and families can enter through door three (on the east side). Parents are asked to bring a tablet, phone, or computer with them to the callout meeting to sign his/her student up for the band. 

If parents are not comfortable being in a group setting or they are unsure of what instrument their child should play, they can contact Ned Boyd for further instruction. If parents are not comfortable attending a callout meeting, please visit Paige's link by clicking here 

This date can change based on the state and local rulings and recommendations. LCSC will implement all protocols for safety and social distancing during the callout meeting. Masks are encouraged to be worn by those in attendance.

Summer Schedule 

Our summer schedule starts with very few students: 10 the first week (July 6), then 20 the second week(July 13). We don’t have a “full boat” until July 20...and that is only for ‘older kids”. 6th graders are still in small groups that week. However, depending on state guidelines, we are able to “divide and conquer” so as to keep social distancing appropriate. Since that is 6 weeks away, we can not tell you what will occur at that time. Rest assured that we will abide by whatever safety measures are deemed appropriate by District, County, and State officials.

Percussion is by AUDITION ONLY.  Please contact Ned Boyd at for more information related to percussion. I think/hope that we will also have a band call out after school starts - but as of June 12, I can't make any promises…If you feel that it is too soon to join band, that is OK. We will also start in the fall - but the summer-start kids will be ahead. Please tell folks about what we are doing! We did NOT get to recruit in the elementary schools this year; and we can't afford to miss an entire class! If you are not comfortable with sending your child at any time, just let us know how we may assist you in any way - via email or phone call. We are here for you and your child. If you or your child is sick, please do not send them to band. To register your child to band, please attend our call out meeting on July 1.