It is the mission of educators to produce not only students who excel in academics but also to produce students who become productive members of the various communities in which they choose to live. This includes, but is not limited to, the development of leadership skills, value systems, work ethic, humanitarian traits, and the overall goal of pursuing a better way of life for those around us. The Alumni Association’s mission is to support these causes and ensure our students and educators are provided the opportunity for the highest level of education possible.


Association organizers recognize the importance of a well-rounded education and in doing so, believe that all Logansport Community School Corporation students must be provided opportunities inside and outside of the physical boundaries of the school corporation, to learn new things, engage in a new social and cultural experiences, and have the community to explore future career paths. The Association’s purpose is to generate funds to provide grants that assist LCSC students and staff in seeking out a well-rounded education while attending Logansport Community School Corporation 


Logansport High School Alumni Association is proud to invest in academic excellence within Logansport Community School Corporation. As a nonprofit organization established in 2019, our goal is to fund, sponsor, and promote students and educator ideas at Logansport Community School Corporation. With your help, we will be able to provide grants to educators and students with project ideas that enhance student and teacher achievement, and motivation to learn.

Often when students and educators have an opportunity to implement a new program or participate in an outside learning experience, they are faced with the burden of fundraising to complete their project or learning experience. Our goal is to erase the fundraising burden our students and educators face by giving them the opportunity to apply for grants through Logansport High School Alumni Association to fund their projects and experiences.

What will grants be used for? 

•New classroom project implementation

•International student travel for learning

•National Speech Conference

•Field trips

•Band and Choir Travel

•Elementary learning programs

The opportunities listed above are just the beginning of needs within our local school community. With your help, our students and educators will be exposed to additional internal and external learning to help them gain leadership and social skills, value systems, exceptional work ethics, and humanitarian traits that encourage them to better the communities they choose to live.