Welcome to the returning student registration page for Logansport Community School Corporation!

If your student(s) attended a Logansport School at the end of last year, they are considered a returning student. Below you will find information about returning student registration.

Step One

To begin returning student registration, the first step is signing in to your Parent Portal account. If you do not have a Parent Portal account established, you will need to contact the school your child attends to receive more information. To create an account you will need a personal email address that is easily accessible.

Step Two

Once you are sign in to your Parent Portal account, you can begin registration. During registration you will be asked to provide the following information:

  • Medical information about your child

  • Transportation needs such as addresses for pickup and/or dropoff locations, including daycare information

  • Emergency contacts and phone numbers

  • Previous school information if applicable (school name, address, phone number)

To begin step three, sign in to your Parent Portal account. Once you are signed in to your Parent Portal account you should see all student(s) names displayed in the top right corner (if you are enrolling more than one student, repeat this step for each student). To get started, select 'forms' on the left side of the screen. Next, select the enrollment tab. After selecting enrollment, all enrollment forms should appear on your screen. To begin enrolling your student, click the first form and begin. After each form is complete, click submit located at the bottom right of each page. Continue this process until you have completed all enrollment forms. A tutorial video on student enrollment can be found by clicking here.