At Logansport Community School Corporation we understand the importance of children being prepared, excited, and ready to succeed as they enter school. Through our preschool programs, your child will learn advanced social skills, become familiar with the school setting, and explore the world around them. With a strong focus on understanding words and numbers, children are also introduced to concepts like math and science. Developing a love for learning at a young age is essential to making sure your student succeeds throughout school. With our certified preschool teachers, your child will become comfortable with school and learning, making the transition into kindergarten a seamless process. As a parent, we know deciding when and where to have your child start preschool can be an overwhelming task. We're here to help! Hear from a few of our preschool teachers and learn more about the preschool experience below.

Preschool questions? Visit our frequently asked questions page or contact the school you would like your child to attend.

Century Career Center: 574-722-3811

Columbia Elementary: 574-753-3432

Fairview Elementary: 574-722-5288

Landis Elementary: 574-722-5466