LCSC Receives Donation from Helping Hands

On Wednesday, LCSC Superintendent Michele Starkey visited Logansport State Hospital to receive a donation from Helping Hands.

Helping Hands is a volunteer committee at Logansport State Hospital that exists solely to help those in need. Last year and this year, our school corporation has been fortunate enough to receive a donation for school lunch funds from Helping Hands. 

The idea for donating lunch funds was created by Logansport State Hospital's Interim Superintendent, Greg Grostefon. Greg formerly served as the Principal at Columbia Middle School and is very familiar with the complications that many students face during lunch time. Sometimes students are unable to purchase lunch due to not having funds in their account and can become reluctant to accept the brown bag lunches that are offered in place. With the donations of lunch funds, each school has an account that has an allowance for these circumstances and the funds are dispersed throughout the school year. 

Our corporation received a donation of $320, which is 1/4 of what Helping Hands raised! Helping Hands donated the additional funds to Cass County Schools. Thank you Helping Hands for making a difference in our corporation and the schools in Cass County!