The last week has been full of celebration and this morning was no different!

Today we had the honor of recognizing the recipient of the 2019 Support Staff Member of the Year Award, also known as the Crystal Berry. The recipient of this award has been with our corporation for almost 45 years. A lot has changed throughout her career, but her passion and persistence have remained the same. Please join us in congratulating Teresa Popejoy, Finance Supervisor, for being awarded the 2019 Crystal Berry! Teresa is a valuable asset to our administrative team, her nominations overflowed with kind words that reflect her character. "Teresa is very professional, hard-working and is relied upon heavily at the Administration Building for her expertise. I can't stress enough how much knowledge this woman possess when it comes to the workings of a school corporation." "She has faithfully served several superintendents along the way. She is a proud berry graduate that has given more of herself than any employer would expect."

Thank you, Teresa, for your years of service and love for our corporation!