Our Student Laptop Toolkit provides helpful information and resources related to protection plans and laptop best practices. 

Laptop Protection Plans:

LCSC Protection Plan (K-5)

LCSC Protection Plan (6-8)

LCSC Protection Plan (9-12)

Information Guide for Chromebooks:

What you've always wanted to know about Chromebooks in your child's classroom

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: I am having trouble accessing an assignment.

A: Contact your child's teacher for assistance. We recommend you find a communication method that works best for you and the teacher such as email, Parent Portal, or by phone.

Q: What can my child access from their laptop at home?

A: Laptop usage at school and at home is the same. Student activity is always protected and filtered. However, we recommend parents always oversee their child's activity on any device.

Q: What type of charger do I use?

A: USB-C Laptop Charger (phone charger will not work).

Best Laptop Practices:

  • Always carry with two hands
  • Store in a protected place such as a backpack or locker when possible 
  • Avoid using your laptop around any liquids or items that could cause damage