UPSTART, a free kindergarten readiness program, is now available in Cass County! Please read the program highlights below and access the informational flyer by clicking here.

-Children engage with the program only 15 minutes a day.

-UPSTART is solely for four-year-old Indiana children who are otherwise not receiving any preschool, Head Start, On My Way Pre-K or any other early learning intervention.

-The program consists of a reading, math and science program designed to meet state standards (across the Nation).

-Families receive a free Dell laptop computer and Internet service in the home (so long as the family is at or below 135% of poverty).

-Families get to keep the computer if their child completes the program.

-The software is fun & engaging for children, teaching them through games, songs, books and puzzles 15 minutes a day.

-Children learn at their own pace and in their preferred learning modality. This interactive software adapts to children based on the responses they give, and allows them to learn in a comfortable and enjoyable environment.

-Families are paired with an Education Liaison, who helps to ensure usage fidelity and is there to help "coach" parents through any technical and motivational issue, in addition to helping families create positive learning routines & experiences.  

-One of the biggest focuses of this software program is to create Parent involvement and to provide families with the necessary support and know-how to become their child's first and most important teachers.

-We are currently recruiting Indiana families who have children who will be attending Kindergarten Fall of 2021. We have approximately 300 slots remaining, which we hope to fill by the end of August of this year.  This will be UPSTART's 3rd year in Indiana with outstanding results!

-The program/additional resource is State-funded and 100% FREE to Indiana families.

Questions? Contact Sarah Walsh, 614.306.5506