This initiative is to digitize (before they deteriorate) old Berry basketball games in storage, so alumni and fans can enjoy them- How cool is the Old Berry Bowl! We have started with the oldest ones (reels) and working our way up. This will be based on funding to help archive.

We did our best to take what was written on the canisters to identify the year, opponent, score, etc. Some canisters were blank (Feel free to let us know what year/opponent those are, and we can update- Most games are from the 1960s).

Note: The quality is the best the company could do. Some of the earlier videos actually came out better than more recent ones.

A few of the 1979 games (Muncie Central and Lewis Cass) have the WSAL play-by-play with the duo Vic Tanguy and Ray Olson, which is neat to hear. 

Berry Basketball Vault